Tweed - what is it and how to care for it!


Here at The Tweed Boutique I source all my Tweed from the UK mainly a small family run mill in Yorkshire!  

What is Tweed?

British Tweed

Originally made for a hunting fabric due to its warmth and stiffness it has natural protective and durable properties. It is 100% pure Wool and therefore water resistant depending on the weave. 

Given that it has a history with hunting and sport, tweed continues its historic tradition as a utilitarian fabric that keeps you warm during country sports.  The best part of this practical fabric is that it keeps you dry and lasts a life time if correctly cared for.

How to clean your Tweed Product

We recommend you dry clean items were possible but I understand that is not always cost effective or practical!

So if you have to wash it at home follow these basic rules!

If mud or obvious dirt is present let it dry and brush of as best you can with a stuff clothes brush, if you still need to wash follow these instructions: 

1. Hand wash in cool, clean water, 30 degrees max. We recommend using liquid washing brand like E-cover wool or even baby shampoo, but never use powder detergent. (some washing machines have a wool wash programme this could be used with caution)

2.Gently squeeze the suds through the garment, do not to wring, rub or stretch whilst washing.

3. Rinse the item in fresh water.

4. Do not lift the item up as wet fabric weighs more and will stretch the garment.

5. Gently squeeze excess water out of material.

6. Lay the item flat on a towel, reshaping whilst doing so.

7. Leave to dry naturally away from direct heat sources and out of sunlight.

DO NOT tumble dry.

Use a steam iron to gently press the item. 

Any questions please just DM or email me and I can help. 

I have also made a Instagram Reel (click here to view) about washing tweed headbands so follow this link to view it!